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“Cookies are made of butter and love.”

– Norwegian Proverb

Always Fresh n' Delicious!

The stars of the show!  All of our cookies are prepared in small batches using premium ingredients, baked after you order, and just before the delivery so they arrive warm out of the oven.

Marble Surface
How It All Started

A classic story of starting a business for one reason and it turns into something different (and much better). Originally, we started making cookies as a social experiment to go along with another business we owned.  We wanted to see how much referral traffic could be generated with delicious cookies.  Not just any cookies but premium cookies baked fresh and delivered warm.  Turns out, A LOT!  

It wasn't long after starting that we realized our warm cookie delivery business had legs to stand on its own.  As a small, family-owned business we take great pride in the quality of our cookies and the level of our customer service.    

The Hoffmann's
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